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Asset Protection

More lawsuits are filed in the United States each and every year than in the rest of the world combined. Many of these lawsuits may seem frivolous, but you can never be sure of what a judge or jury will decide. This is why every estate plan needs a comprehensive asset protection component.

What should your plan help you accomplish? For starters, it must protect you and your spouse from lawsuits, financial predators and creditors while you are alive and well. Your plan should also protect the inheritances of your children against similar threats after you and your spouse have passed away. You children may need protection in the event of divorce and/or remarriage. Your grandchildren’s inheritances might need protection if your child passes away and your son-in-law or daughter-in-law remarries. Your children might even need protection against making poor decisions if they are not yet mature enough to manage an inheritance on their own.

The California asset protection attorneys at the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center can use a variety of tools and strategies to protect your assets for the enjoyment of you and your spouse today, as well as the inheritances you hope to pass on to your loved ones tomorrow. Contact us today to discuss your specific asset protection needs.

California Business Planning and Business Asset Protection

Successfully operating a small business in California requires a great deal of legal support. From negotiating partner or vendor agreements to protecting your trademarks and intellectual property, having an attorney by your side is the best way to ensure your business is truly positioned for prime and lasting growth.

Likewise, on the start-up side, many entrepreneurs often wonder:

  • How do I incorporate?
  • Is a California LLC right for me?
  • What’s the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp?
  • Which business entity is right for my small business or startup?
  • How can I save money in taxes?
  • Are the people that work for me employees or Independent Contractors?

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not consult with a lawyer about difficult decisions such as these and ultimately choose the wrong entity with the least favorable tax benefits as a result.

What is the number one reason why small business owners and entrepreneurs attempt to “go it alone” when it comes to the legal aspects of their business? They think they can’t afford it. In past cases, and in most law firms, this is true. A dedicated attorney acting essentially as “your general counsel” was once upon a time only available for big corporations and CEO’s. Fortunately, times are changing and the small business and start-up community is finally getting the protective legal attention it deserves.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand your ongoing legal and budget concerns. This is why we take great pride in our ability to offer unique solutions and reasonable fees for our services. Not only are our fees reasonable, but unlike most Orange County business law firms where hourly billing is the norm, we offer flat-fee billing and affordable monthly membership programs that benefit our business clients. For example, you can call, email, or fax our office to get the individualized help you need without receiving a hefty invoice for our time. We prefer a lifetime relationship with our clients over a one-time transaction, and flat-fee billing is the best way to ensure clients are not afraid to call the office or consult with us before making important business decisions.

As your Orange County business attorneys, we will assist you with outdated General Partnerships and convert them to more appropriate, and current, Corporations or Partnerships. We will also simplify the tax ramifications according to the chosen entity, and educate you to choose accordingly.

We represent and deal with businesses of all sizes: corporations, non-profit organizations, single-owned entities, and more. At the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center, we can assist in anything from Employment Contracts, Articles of Corporation and Real Estate Leases to many other issues that may arise when dealing with a business.

To start the process of protecting and preparing your business for long-term generational growth, simply call our Irvine business entity formation lawyers now at (714) 966-2646.

Client Reviews
"I needed a trust expert to handle a complex issue for me and Shadi was the perfect attorney. She was very responsive and provided a thorough detailed answer. Very highly recommended." Nick G.
"My experience with Shadi and Patrick stem from a Ten year relationship. When it comes to estate planning and trusts they are my go to and only law firm is Phancao & Shaffer aka Asset Protection & Elder Law Center. When asked for the name of a trust law firm. They are the one. Best firm hands down." Karen I.
"I'm CPA and have been working with Asset Protection & Elder Law Center for over 10 years. They do all my trust work as well as other general counsel items and I have never thought of taking my services elsewhere. In fact, if my clients ask for an Estate Attorney, they are the only firm I recommend. Get your trust in order and do it with the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center!" Steve F.
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