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Client Reviews

Shadi and her staff are extremely professional, quick to respond to any questions or concerns, friendly, empathetic.... made me feel comfortable and gave me an overall peace of mind! I highly recommend!!!!

- Vida

My wife and I both felt that Shadi and her firm not only listened and understood our needs and querstions, but went beyond. She explained everything clearly, professionally and with a true human sensitivity that isn't always asociated with lawyers. There was a personal touch throughout the process and follow through was excellent.

- Stuart Fischman

Shadi is an excellent attorney and a wonderful human being. Honest, patient, kind and diligent. I met shadi Professionally thru a busniess referral group. We ended up using shadi to set up a trust. My wife and I were so Happy with her services that we also introduced my mother in law to her. Shadi set up her trust as well. Spend Five minutes with shadi and you will love her and her staff.

- Armando Zatarain

Shadi and her staff are incredible! They made the entire process seamless and very comfortable. Shadi really cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re protected. She answered all my questions and made sure I understood everything before we started my trust. I highly recommend Shadi and her staff. My family and I trust her and are extremely happy we chose her to handle our trusts.

- Shamil Quattrocchi

Shadi is wonderful working professionals. Shadi is polite, attentive, and collaborative; traits that are increasing difficult to find. She is also highly available, and tremendous communicative to fit your schedule and your situation. They are the Benchmark of customer service other organizations should aim to be like.

- Vinny Bucedi

Shadi is very professional, patient and responsive. She is very considerate when referring potential clients to us for further assistance. She has been extremely helpful in her guidance of our mutual clients as well.

- Heather Garcia

I've worked with Shadi now for a number of years and have always found her to be a very caring attorney who goes the extra mile. I really love working with her as I know I can trust her work. Thank you Shadi!!

- Lisa Ramsey

Shadi has been great through the entire process of dealing with the very complicated sale of my wife's parents' house to my wife's brother. This transaction involved an A/B Trust that wasn't updated properly when her father passed away several years ago, with the added complication of California's Prop 19. And to add a little spice to the sauce, this was all done with a minimum of face-to-face meetings due to Covid. I would definitely use her again for future trust work.

- Robert Altman

I worked with Shadi about a legal situation which was causing my family and I a lot of stress, but she swiftly came to our rescue. Her response rate was SO good, often same day, and her expertise allowed us to quickly resolve the situation. I will continue to refer Shadi and the Center to anyone who needs their services!

- D.G

Shadi created our family trust - she is very helpful in explaining why it is so important to do so; not too mention she and her office are very responsive to calls and texts. She knows the law and how assets should be handled, she provides great advice and by doing a great job, she creates a lot of peace of mind - I unconditionally recommend Shadi for creation of your family trust!!

- Bob Hartmann

We are grateful for all the attentive help which was granted to my husband and I. No doubt the Living Trust process would not have been as smooth if it wasn't for all of the experts at the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center. We want to specifically say thank you to Shadi and Carol for being here for us and taking the time to answer our many questions. We never felt alone through the process. They are a great team of professionals. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

- Ingrid Alvarez

"I needed a trust expert to handle a complex issue for me and Shadi was the perfect attorney. She was very responsive and provided a thorough detailed answer. Very highly recommended."

- Attorney Nick G., Los Angeles (3/20/2020)

"For years, I've been asking my mother-in-law if she had a Living Trust. She said she did, and showed me. She showed me the Suzy Orman Living Trust paperwork. Red Flags and lights go off in my head. I told her that it was not worth anything more than the paper that it was printed on. It was not completed. I explained to her that her assets needed to be protected as we lived in California.

With that stated, I researched all over Southern California for Living Trust Attorney's who specialized in Elder Law. That's when I came across the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center. I reached out to them and Shadi returned my call. Upon my phone interview with Shadi, she was shocked that I knew so much stuff about a Living Trust.

I got my mother-in-law to go and see Shadi. After several appointments with the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center, I got my mother-in-law's Trust completed. Shadi, explained to my mother-in-law that the most important thing was that it needed to be funded. Shadi went above her duty as my mother-in-law's attorney and reached out to another attorney in another state to help get another piece of property in my mother-in-law's Trust. My mother-in-law thought what she paid for the Living Trust was expensive, but I explained to her that $$$$ should be no object when your trying to protect your assets. The cost was very reasonable.

I reached out to Shadi again another year later, and I told her that my wife and I needed to get our Living Trust done. Shadi made an appointment for us and got our Living Trust completed in a few appointments. The process was simple as the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center does all the work.

Shadi is my go to attorney for anything that has to do with Living Trusts. Shadi is always willing to listen and advise her clients. If you go anywhere else, you might not find the customer service that you will find at Asset Protection & Elder Law Center."

- Kyle M., Long Beach (11/25/2017)

"I recently used this firm for some of my business and personal needs, and wanted to provide some comments on the excellent service I experienced. Mr. Patrick Phancao is an attorney that focuses on complex business structures and advanced tax planning. This could easily be determined by my conversation with him within minutes. He knew an array of tax planning strategies pertaining to my business, which was quite impressive.

The Office Staff was incredibly friendly as well. They were professional, followed-up quickly, and were simply comprised of all around good people. In times of stress, I felt extremely confident being represented by this firm. Though I initially came in for a business purpose, I decided to also do my estate planning with them and received the same white glove service. I would not only return for any future legal needs I may have, but will be recommending them to my family and friends."

- Anderson C. (2/28/2017)

"My wife Rita and I had our first set of estate planning documents done back in 2008. So, in 2018, with several changes to our family, we decided it was time to renew our estate planning documents including our wills, power of attorney, setting up of a trust, and our health care directives. We searched on Yelp and found Shadi’s practice “Asset Protection & Elder Law Center” as a highly rated service. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We uncovered that the service we had done back in 2008, would not have protected our assets from going through an arduous process for our heirs. Shadi did a fantastic job of explaining the different options, and helped us select the right option that met our unique circumstance with me being a permanent resident of the U.S. Shadi is a true professional, and incredibly passionate about the service she offers. I highly recommend Shadi as someone who will take care of you and your family for the future!"

- Andrew M., Newport Beach (06/10/2018)

"My experience with Shadi and Patrick stem from a Ten year relationship. When it comes to estate planning and trusts they are my go to and only law firm is Phancao & Shaffer aka Asset Protection & Elder Law Center. When asked for the name of a trust law firm. They are the one. Best firm hands down."

- Karen I. Irvine (07/24/2016)

"I'm CPA and have been working with Asset Protection & Elder Law Center for over 10 years. They do all my trust work as well as other general counsel items and I have never thought of taking my services elsewhere. In fact, if my clients ask for an Estate Attorney, they are the only firm I recommend. Get your trust in order and do it with the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center!"

- Steve F, CPA, Newport Beach (01/13/2016)

"Great Estate Planning Attorney! Shadi is professional, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with! I was very pleased to work with such a knowledgeable and professional lawyer in the area of estate planning. Shadi was extremely informative and held our hand through the entire process. My husband and I had been dragging our feet for over a year to get our estate plan going (even though we knew we had to do it) just because it seemed so daunting... but Shadi not only made it easy for us but she made sure we understood everything we were signing and helped us get to the finish line. She was very easy to work with! I am recommending her to ALL my friends who do not yet have an estate plan in place. Thanks Shadi for making this happen for us. I sleep better at night knowing we have this in place and that you've done such a thorough job on it. We appreciate everything from the bottom of our hearts!"

- Pooja M.

"My wife and I were very satisfied in dealing with Patrick and the entire staff at the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center. We will recommend your law firm to others."

- Mike R.

"I couldn't be more satisfied with Shadi & her entire staff. They made me feel comfortable and eased my mind about my family's future. Shadi & her staff are professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable and eager to help."

- Shane S.

"About two years ago I contacted APEL to inquire about a Living Trust/Will. They immediately sent me the appropriate information, and we followed up with an informative phone conversation. I was inquiring for my aging father who has a disabled son(my brother) whom he cares for, and wanted to ensure that my brother was provided for in the advent of my father's passing. They made the whole process very easy, but I got sidetracked and delayed the process. About a year later I reached out to them again, and again they whole process was a dream. Of course, I dropped the ball again, and delayed the process of finishing. Finally, after my father's health started to suddenly decline, I realized the gravity of situation for my brother. I am happy to say that I contacted APEL again, and this time I finished the really rather easy process of finalizing the Living Trust/Will. APEL was professional, kind, informative, and compassionate. I can't stress enough how patient they were with me. I most definitely recommend APEL, especially to those who have no idea about asset protection, and need clear information and patient hand."

- Michael M. - Teacher

"In the beginning, I was extremely nervous about the process of will and estate planning. However, when I met with Shadi for the first time she erased all of my anxiety with her warm and friendly demeanor. After talking things over with her, I instantly began to see that I was making a responsible decision for my family. My emotions were understandable but the discussion needed to be made. Now, I thanks God every day for "The Asset Protection and Elder Law Center" and I tell all of my friends about Shadi and how importantit is to get their affairs in order before its too late!"

- Bernetta R.

"I never thought that doing business with a legal organization could be so friendly, courteous and an overall good experience. I felt special!! Thank you."

- Janet K.

"I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for everything you have done for both of us legally, financially and just basically being friendly as well. I really think us hiring you as our attorney was the best move for us taking on our case. I honestly don't think any other attorney could have gotten us a better deal. I don't think there is anything me and Thayla don't like about you. We will most definitely send any referrals your way in need of your type of services. If there is anything we can do for you now or in the future don't hesitate to ask. We wish you the best for you and the new family! We will keep in touch. Take care and thanks again, your clients and friends."

- JR B.

"In our opinion, Shadi Ala'i Shaffer was very informative and knowledgeable. She spent a great deal of time explaining our trust and the different options that were available to us. We had used another estate planning attorney in the past and the differences between the two were like day and night. We are very satisfied with the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center and recommend Shadi Shaffer for estate planning."

- Belinda L.

"Dear Shadi, It has been pleasure working with you to prepare estate plans for my partner and me. We are impressed with your knowledge, honesty and willingness to handle our unique circumstances. We appreciate your fun yet professional atmosphere and look forward to working with you for years to come. Your passion for what you do is evident in all aspects of your personality and business and we look forward to making referrals to you. With gratitude,"

- Vicky W.

"Everyone was great. Thank you!!! Wish I had a better outcome but overall very happy!! Thank you!!!"

- Ann L.

"I was apprehensive to get legal help becauseof my financial situation. I had an idea for a business, and did not know how to get started. In my 63 years, I have never felt such a level of commitment, love, and respect from an individual, let alone an attorney. Patrick welcomed me in and worked within my budget. He gave me the necessary foundation to implement my ideas, and he consistently keeps in touch with me to make sure I follow all the necessary corporate formalities. I am grateful for everything you have done for me professionally, and for my family. Thank you so much Patrick!"

- Mr. Sandor Nagy - Business Owner

"Everything you did was perfect! We would highly recommend your firm to friends and colleagues. You certainly can use us as reference to anyone. All you did was above the call of duty. Love you all!"

- Jack & Jenny K.

"Shadi truly cares about her clients. Her commitment to educating people about the importance of asset protection and estate planning is the foundation of her practice. I have had the honor of working with Shadi with some mutual clients and she is truley a pleasure to work with. I am not only a fan, but a client. She did my estate plan. I would recommend Shadi and her firm without reservation."

- Daniel J. Alexander II - Costa Mesa, CA

"Everyone is so friendly. You made the process simple and painless. My expectations were exceeded on every level. I have already spoken with several friends and family members about how fantastic you are. Thank you for all your help!"

- Anonymous

"I thank you for all the support and for the peace you made me feel. I feel you really care about us. I will always recommend you. You have it all: personality, professionalism and knowledge."

- Bradley R.

"I met Patrick Phancao through the Liaisons BNI Chapter in Anaheim, CA this past year and through our one-to-one meetings, I got to know more about him and his firm, Phancao & Shaffer LLP and their mission to help their clients protect their estates and all that they've done to give to their families in the future."

- SmallWerks

"I walked into the offices of Phancao & Shaffer, LLP, anticipating the typical treatment we have all come to expect from law firms. I walked away with so much more! Patrick made me feel so comfortable from the beginning, explaining all the possible options (in simple terms!) available to my legal situation. Being a new mother and opening up my own medical practice, he laid out structures that would perfectly fit my needs. I am grateful not only because of his excellent legal work, but more importantly because he was always so responsive to all my concerns. Now I know I have a Counselor for life! Thank you for your support and your amazing staff!"

- Mrs. Margarita Ibanez, M.D.

"We were more than satisfied with your service. You were all courteous, friendly and extremely competent. The manner in which you worked with us regarding our estate planning was excellent. Our son-in-law, Wade S. recommended your firm to us. We are so glad he did, because not only were you extremely knowledgeable and competent, you (Shadi Ala’i-Shaffer) and your staff were extremely friendly and courteous. Thank you so much!"

- Norman P.

"I highly recommend Shadi Ala’i Shaffer of Phancao & Shaffer, LLP to take care of setting up your trust. For years I knew I needed to take care of this important matter, but I didn’t know who to “trust” until I met Shadi. She carefully explained and guided me through the process, and made the experience painless. Simply having a Trust isn’t enough… we have a trust AND Shadi! Shadi Ala’i Shaffer has provided me with peace of mind and that is priceless!"

- Dian G

"We were very happy with Patrick and his staff!"

- Joanna I.

"Everyone in your office was extra helpful, professional and kind when I had to re-do my trust. I believe very satisfied isn’t not high enough, even excellent doesn’t say how well I was treated. Thank you all!"

- Roselle M.

"Patrick, Liz & Puneh, I really appreciated your firms friendly attitude and desire to help me. Everyone was great. I appreciate the return phone calls and follow up emails for status. Your willingness to meet my parents at their house is much appreciated. I have already given your card to several associates at my office. Thank you for your help and kindness. I felt like a friend and not just another client."

- William R.

"Shadi Shaffer has the ability to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of. She explains things in layman's terms and is awesome to work with! Shadi is a giving, caring individual who has offered her services to help our homeless youth @StandUp For Kids Orange County and is there to consult with whenever we need her. She is easy to relate to and even our young adults feel comfortable working with her! Justine Madison, Executive Director StandUp For Kids."

- Justine Madison - Executive Director

"To do business with Shadi was totally a new and positive experience. Shadi and her co-workers are very friendly and professional. It was an unexpected surprise after our past dealings with lawyers. We will recommend her and her firm to everyone we know who may need living trust services. Thank you very, very much."

- Mirna V.

"I fell in love with Shadi from the moment I walked into her office. She had so much love, energy, knowledge, compassion and care for me and I knew right away that I was in great hands. The entire process of setting up my trust went very professionally and efficiently. Thank you all for a wonderful experience."

- Marjan Designer

"I would highly recommend Shadi Shaffer< Liz, & Puneh. There attention to detail and professionalism as well as their personal touch is unbeatable. The entire staff did such a fantastic job in handling our probate case that there are not enough good word to describe them. They made a difficult very easy to deal with. In fact we plan to continue to use them for any future needs as well as refer them to everyone. Our Sincere Thanks."

- William Barrett Painter

"We came to Attorney Shadi Shaffer because I needed help with my Aunts Trust. From the time we walked in we were treated like we were their most important client. The staff always made sure our needs were taken care of before our appointment with the attorney. The staff are wonderful people; caring and knowledgeable. They are the most efficient staff we have ever come in contact with dealing with any business. As for Attorney Shadi Shaffer again we must say she is the most efficient, knowledgeable Attorney we have ever dealt with not to mention just a NICE person. To sum it up, these are the kinds of people you would want for a neighbor, friend or family member. Because of what the whole office represents we not have our own "Living Trust". Thank you for being there for us. Sincerely Your truly, Shari and Ben."

- Shari & Ben V.

"I will highly recommend your services. You were here 24/7 and helped me to start my business. I was relieved to have your team beside me on this long and stressful process. Thank you so much for your professionalism and kindness!"

- Olivia D.

"From the first day I met Ms. Shaffer and discussed possible elder abuse of my wife's aunt, I knew she was the perfect choice. Her knowledge just poured our. Ms. Shaffer built confidence in us to where we were certain we did the right thing. Her commitment and concern was so strong that she went as far as affording us her cell phone number. There is no one, NO ONE else you want on your side in an abuse case. I pity the person she goes up against. So happy were we, that we had Ms.Shaffer do our family trust for us. Every possible detail was covered. Wow! What a lady. We are eternally grateful."

- Bob & Sumi O.

"I am very happy regarding the service I got through the employees and lawyer. My attorney Mrs. Shadi Alai Shaffer did a great job and I will recommend her to all of my friends and family. Thanks."

- Zahra F.

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