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Client Reviews
"I needed a trust expert to handle a complex issue for me and Shadi was the perfect attorney. She was very responsive and provided a thorough detailed answer. Very highly recommended." Nick G.
"My experience with Shadi and Patrick stem from a Ten year relationship. When it comes to estate planning and trusts they are my go to and only law firm is Phancao & Shaffer aka Asset Protection & Elder Law Center. When asked for the name of a trust law firm. They are the one. Best firm hands down." Karen I.
"I'm CPA and have been working with Asset Protection & Elder Law Center for over 10 years. They do all my trust work as well as other general counsel items and I have never thought of taking my services elsewhere. In fact, if my clients ask for an Estate Attorney, they are the only firm I recommend. Get your trust in order and do it with the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center!" Steve F.
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