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What is a Legal Guardian?

In this segment, as a new mom herself, Shadi is not shy in expressing how it is the DUTY of every parent to have designated the legal guardian(s) of their child(ren). She stresses how important it is to have put in writing who you want the legal guardian of your child(ren) to be. Why you have to have this done and what happens if you don’t have this important document that appoints your legal guardian(s). Every parent needs to watch this video and even more importantly once you do, you have make sure you appoint in writing the legal guardian of your child(ren) – whether married, divorced, or single.

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"I needed a trust expert to handle a complex issue for me and Shadi was the perfect attorney. She was very responsive and provided a thorough detailed answer. Very highly recommended." Nick G.
"My experience with Shadi and Patrick stem from a Ten year relationship. When it comes to estate planning and trusts they are my go to and only law firm is Phancao & Shaffer aka Asset Protection & Elder Law Center. When asked for the name of a trust law firm. They are the one. Best firm hands down." Karen I.
"I'm CPA and have been working with Asset Protection & Elder Law Center for over 10 years. They do all my trust work as well as other general counsel items and I have never thought of taking my services elsewhere. In fact, if my clients ask for an Estate Attorney, they are the only firm I recommend. Get your trust in order and do it with the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center!" Steve F.
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